International Waqf Fund

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About The Organization

The International Waqf Foundation (IWF), is a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom and was established in collaboration with the parent organisation "Islamic Relief Worldwide" based in Birmingham. The objectives of the IWF are to promote Awqaf to contribute to the cultural, social, and economic development of member countries and Muslim communities, and to alleviate poverty, as well as extending technical assistance to Waqf organizations with expertise and coordination, and support their projects, programmes, and activities in the educational, health, social, and cultural fields.


IWF’s work is multifaceted and complex. People have different levels of understanding of how Waqf works and the key concepts underpinning it. Our challenge was to come up with a clear, accurate, and interesting way to explain Waqf without neglecting anything crucial while expressing the organization's mission in a compelling way as well.


Our team worked from scratch on the script, storyboard, graphics, voice-over, animation, and sound design. We identified the need for an overarching message to be communicated, in a brief and compelling way, and sums up the reasons why a donor should consider dealing with IWF.


The videos we created proved to be an effective way to educate the audience about the Waqf benefit, and IWF can make an even greater impact on the larger scale of the audience in the years to come.

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